Natural silk heatless curls, hair care and accessories by Kaleja Silks

Our story started with a bit of courage and loads of love. Today our team is able to share joy, love and passion for beauty in life through our products with you too! Let us be a small part of your everyday life and special moments! 

Love, Kaleja Silks

Silk Hair Ties

Made from 100% Mulberry silk

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  • Our BEST-SELLER - Silk hair curler

    Perfect curls without ANY hair damage, and the best part - curler does its 'magic' during your sleep so you can wake up ready to go! Join thousands of women across EU using our silk hair curler!

  • Natural Silk Hair Ties

    Have you ever wished you had a hair tie that not only looked great but also kept your hair healthy and shiny while weating it? We have lots of them for you to choose from! Forget about tangled, matted hair or hair tie slipping out, ours are different!

  • Best Gifts For Women

    Don't ever hesitate to treat yourself and always remember to gift some joy to your loved ones too! We have many gift ideas for you to choose from, and we can guarantee - SHE WILL LOVE THEM!