Choose best SILK HAIR TIE for your hair type

Choose best SILK HAIR TIE for your hair type

We offer quite a variety of silk hair ties to choose from, but how to choose the perfect one for your hair type?

So... if you have average thickness and length hair its easy for you - all of our lovely hair ties will work for you perfectly! Click here to shop


If you have very thin or short hair we recommend choosing smaller hair ties, like the ones sized XS or S, just because they will visually look the best, but we can promise you, all of our silk hair ties will hold your hair up perfectly, so if you are looking for voluminous hair tie go for it!

To shop XS hair ties click here

To shop S hair ties click here


If you have very thick or long hair we recommend choosing sizes XLMINI, EXTRA STRONG COLLECTION or S/M. These hair ties are the strongest and have the widest diameter, which means you will be able to wrap them around your hair more times to guarantee strong hold :)

To shop S/M hair ties click here

To shop MINI hair ties click here

To shop EXTRA STRONG hair ties click here

To shop XL hair ties click here

Hope you found this helpful :))

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