Silk hair curler for short hair? YES, that's right! 🤩✨

by Sabine Kaleja

zida matu rullis īsiem matiem

Often silk hair curlers and curls formed without heat are associated with the need for long hair - NOT ANYMORE! 🤩Let's break stereotypes and prove that Kaleja Silks smaller diameter "Classic" silk hair curler will suit not only owners of long hair but also ladies with short hair! ❤️

As usual, wrap the hair roller in dry or slightly damp hair (definitely worth trying both methods to find the most suitable one for you), start wrapping your hair around the curler as close to the scalp as possible and tightly secure the hair around the curler. The wrapping process usually takes no more than 5 minutes before the bed time and in the morning be prepared to spend less than minute to unwind the roller to enjoy wonderful curls all day long 🥰

Kaleja Silks silk hair curler is an excellent and innovative tool that now brings joy to thousands of women every day with curls that are harmless to hair health, allowing hair not only to maintain its natural beauty but also to recover, in the long run providing shinier and healthier hair, which every woman dreams of! 😍

Why Kaleja Silks silk hair curlers are special?

✔️ innovative design that securely helds the roller in hair with the help of a silk ribbon 

✔️ the roller is soft, unnoticeable during sleep 

✔️ made from silk - the most luxurious and hair-friendly material 

✔️ comes with a storage pouch, silk elastics, roller, and clip 

✔️ beautifully packaged - perfect for gifting!

Choose Kaleja Silks silk heatless silk hair curler and wake up with luxurious curls, WITHOUT HARMING YOUR HAIR, every day! ❤️✨

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