How to use Silk Hair Curler

by Sabine Kaleja

Silk hair curler is one of the most innovative (and easy to use) tools available for hair friendly curls with NO heat DAMAGE, allowing your hair to grow longer, healthier and shinier, and providing you the curls of your dreams with close to no effort!

So, how to use it properly..? Here is HOW TO use Kaleja Silks SILK HAIR CURLER

Kaleja Silks silk hair curler can be used in dry or in lightly damp hair, giving you the freedom to find the method that works for your hair the best :) 

Step 1. Secure hair curler on top of your head with hair clip.
Step 2. Wrap your hair around the curler in small sections,
adding a new section each time you wrap your hair
around the curler.
Step 3. Secure hair on the curler with hair tie.
Step 4. Repeat on the other side.
Step 5. Tighten your hair around the curler by rolling its ends in
direction away from your face, then criss cross curler
ends on the back of your head.
Step 6. Secure curler ends on top of your head with ribbons
attached to it.

We recommend leaving curler in hair for at lest 5 hours or for the best results - overnight.


You can definitely use hairspray afterwards if needed.

How to CARE for your silk hair curler?

As Kaleja Silks hair curlers are made from 100% natural Mulberry silk you should be delicate with it 

Wash it WITH HANDS in slightly warm water, do not use any chemical washing detergents, instead choose natural soaps or fabric cleaning products. Let it air dry.

You can easily store your curler in one of our dust bags. (M, L, or XL size recommended). You can also fold it and secure it with your hair clip and hair ties for safe storage.

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